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Download K-Meleon

Downloading is quick, easy and fast, and it only takes a few minutes to download. It is 100% safe on sourceforge servers.

Only download k-meleon from the link above, any other place you download it may be unsafe

News about the site

We currently have 3 people so far working on themes for k-meleon, lewis, robertall and justmadmike

About the site

The site was made by two people had faith in k-meleon, it is considered to us the best browser in the world.


K-Meleon in my opinion is better and faster than any other browser that has ever been released. Here we have the support forums for k-meleon. It will contain information and tutorials to use K-Meleon and all of its features. K-Meleon is by far the best browser. This has been designed for the lighter user, and the one who wishes to use larger apps for everything but a web browser. K-Meleon is the fastest browser that i have ever used on my PC. My PC specs are just 0.4GHZ and 192mb of ram. I can run it perfectly. No longer worry about high page file usage and speed. K-Meleon is based on the gecko framework. It is fast and stable.

Can i help?

The first way to help this project is to join the forums and post some tutorials for us to read. Rewards will be given to people who help, and the more people who help then the more we can reward you.

Latest News On The K-Meleon Network

For news check the news page.