08-19-2005: We have made our main site (not including forums) comply with several laws. We comply with section 208 and 508. We comply with the DDA. We comply with w3 standards of XHTML and CSS.

08-15-2005: We have finally got about 10 people to try k-meleon and my work is finally get paid off. thanks to themoose for the great site layout, and thanks Daman371 for creating the blog script for the forums. Thanks to justmadmike, me and lewis for offering to create themes for k-meleon. Thanks to lewis for buying me the domain. Thanks LLP for the web hosting. Thanks everyone who tryed the browser.

08-12-2005: Site content added. The admin (robert/robertall) has finally started adding main content to the site, and we have changed from phpBB 2.0.17 to IPB (invision (power) board) 2.0.0. We have done this so that site looks more presentable to the public.

Latest News On The K-Meleon Network

08-10-2005: Spreadkmeleon.com is open to the public! We will give you all you need to get started on k-meleon, as well as some nice extras!

2-13-2005: A new version of SetDefault! which makes possible and easier a K-Meleon folder change or the use of more than one version of K-Meleon on the same computer!

1-18-2005: K-Meleon 0.9 is released! Based on the Mozilla 1.7.5 codebase, 0.9 includes many new features and an even better browsing experience!

01-02-2004: Some tools for K-Meleon. (More properly, External Applications - not tools for developers).

12-23-2003: K-Meleon 0.8.2 released.

9-8-2003: KMeleonWiki, an ErfurtWiki system, has been installed on the home page. You are invited to help update the information in the Wiki. Add/rewrite/delete as you find appropriate.

9-4-2003: The K-Meleon Documentation Project is now a separate project hosted at BerliOS. Please visit http://kmeleon-doc.berlios.de and help us write an up-to-date User's Guide and Reference Manual for K-Meleon.

11-3-02: The K-Meleon Documentation Project needs volunteers to help write the K-Meleon User's Guide and Reference Manual. All contributions large or small are very welcome.